Autumn, apple time!

Knife and cider apples

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We have several apple trees in our pastures. Apple trees with so-called knife apples and cider apples. So when you say knife apples, you also mean apples for eating: apple compote, apple pie, apple crumble and apple juice.

Of course, everything should be eaten and drunk in moderation, so as not to become like them - beautiful, red and plump.

Whatever the weather and whenever we have a moment's respite, we grab buckets, tractors, buckets and tippers and off we go on our adventure. I have to admit that the more crazies we pick up, the more fun it is.

Carefully we take what we need for our winter reserve and then it's time for the big harvest. Hervé or my boys climb the trees, shake off the branches and once they're all on the ground, we pick them. We'll use them to make apple juice, because they're sweeter and much less acidic.

As far as the cider apples are concerned, they are all shaken and picked, and put in piles to await the press. During this time, we often have visitors.... Our cows love the apples. But they mustn't get bored either!

Some people prefer to pick them up sitting down with a huge smile on their face, as if they're enjoying the moment. Personally, I'm happy when it's over! Crouched down, hands in the wet grass, apples sometimes falling on us (long live Newton's theory), my back bent, buckets to carry... Frankly, I prefer to drink it, hahaha!

Then it's time for the press. We use a service provider who comes to the farm. At the same time, we wash, press and harvest the juice. This juice is put into wooden barrels in the cider cellar, and we have to wait and wait and wait before bottling it.

For apple juice, the juice is placed in a large barrel so that the pulp from the fruit settles to the bottom. You must wait a maximum of 48 hours before bottling. The juice is then pasteurised at a temperature of at least 75° and corked immediately.

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homemade apple juice

What a pleasure it is to enjoy a glass of fresh, natural fruit juice or a glass of cider to quench your thirst when the sun comes out.

See you soon for a tasting!