La Ferme de la Rousselière

Agathe & Hervé

Getting to know us better? Why not!

Agathe, former special education teacher and Hervé, a former employee of a forestry company.

In order to offer a better quality of life family to our 3 children, we decided to set up our farm in 2002. Our operation, conducted in Organic Farminghas two production workshops:

  • A suckler cow workshop with the production of milk-fed calves for local butchers and direct sales (on the farm and through AMAPs).
  • A free-range laying hen farm de Loué for major retailers.

We grow all the feed for our cattle: hay, silage and cereals. We call on a organic firm for poultry feed.

We have built most of our own buildings, plans, masonry, interior fittings... We need projects and we need to do them ourselves! On our land we had a few dilapidated buildings. Concerned about our heritage and pleasure to welcomewe opted to renovate and refurbish the conversion into gîtes.

It's always a pleasure to we share our experiences with you, and this often happens during the visit to the farm for those who want it. Feeding the calves in the evening is the most popular part of the day!

sorciere des alpes mancelles
The broom ballet
Summer's gonna be hot, summer's gonna be hot
horse ride
Horses in all their forms
ferme rousseliere alpes mancelles 15
Autumn, apple time!

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