Easter and the egg hunt

But it's not all about hens...

The sun is shining behind our beautiful mountains. The tourist industry, cafés, restaurants and outdoor service providers are all ready to go. The neighbouring towns are telling us what's new.

And on the farm, the hens are in the spotlight - it's egg day!

A little dream, a little naivety in today's world.

I keep laying hens, so for me Easter is every day. But fortunately I don't go looking for eggs all over the place in the meadows under the trees, in the sheds on the straw, in the dog's kennel, that would really take up a lot of time...

On the other hand, the hens love to go outside in their park and on this day they run quickly to see if the bells have passed for them. They love chocolate too 😉

The same goes for the gîtes, where chocolates are the order of the day. Yum yum. They delight young and old alike. Sometimes I hide them before the guests wake up when I go to see my cows, who don't like chocolate. It's better that way, it makes me more!

So come and celebrate Easter with us. Hervé will leave you his share of chocolate, he doesn't like it, and I'll share mine because I won't be able to fit into my work space!

The Gîte de la Rousselière is still available for the Easter weekend.

Contact me to make your reservation by mail or call me at !

See you soon Agathe