February, interview time

Freezing temperatures = outdoor maintenance work!

We usually take advantage of this time to cut wood to stock up on logs for the fireplaces. We also take the opportunity to re-fence the meadows to prevent our cows from wandering onto the roads.

This year, GERARD the tornado has decided otherwise and is forcing us to do both at the same time!

And yes, the beautiful driveway leading to the Douet Moreau gîte found itself stripped of 5 of its fir trees. They were old, of course, and Hervé and I had decided to remove them, but we weren't quick enough.

So, armed with our chainsaw, our tractor and our courage, we cleaned up, removed the trunks, burnt the branches and dismantled the fences as quickly as possible so that our guests could get out of the gîte. 😉

It was a busy morning, just the way we like it!

We are now in the process of choosing the next trees to line the path. Should we plant conifers or deciduous trees? To be continued. In any case, a few years will have to pass before the future trees are as elegant and majestic...

Happy reading and see you soon in our gîtes.