Fishing season opens in Sarthe in 2023

March means the start of fishing season in Sarthe

All hands on deck! Get out your sexy green waders, your landing nets and your colourful lures. The trout have only to behave themselves!

The village of Saint-Léonard-des-Bois is nestled on the slopes of the Sarthe valley in the south of France. heart of the Alpes Mancelles. The river Sarthe meanders around Saint-Léonard, classified as a "Petite Cité de Caractère".

It is in this beautiful panorama that is located the Mecca of trout fishing (1st category) in our department of the Sarthe. The course is extraordinary and will delight both experienced and novice anglers. The riverbanks are easily accessible, and in some cases have been landscaped and maintained for the occasion.

  • All types of whitewater fishing are possible: toc, fly casting, cork prowling...
  • Trout, minnows, chub, barbel...


  • Saturday 11 March 2023


  • Local shops


  • 8 March: 600 kg of rainbow trout
  • 24 March: 250 kg of rainbow trout
  • 7 April: 250 kg of rainbow trout
  • 28 April: 150 kg of rainbow trout and 150 kg of Fario trout

FISHING DAY (Lake Saint Georges le Gaultier)

  • 15 and 16 April 100 kg of rainbow trout (paying)
  • 13 and 14 May 100 kg of rainbow trout (free for members)
  • 10 and 11 June 100 kg of rainbow trout (paying)
  • Fridays until 28 April fishing prohibited for the 1st category
fishing in sarthe 2
fishing in the sarthe 1 1

You can also drive your bait crazy by going to the Troyères fly course. This access is reserved exclusively for "no kill" fly fishermen. It stretches over 500 metres and is very varied. Dry fly fishing is a sure bet, with hatches from May/June onwards.

Le Gite le Douet Moreau Alpes Mancelles 17
Gite le Boulay alpes Mancelles 29

Here are a few dates still available to book your fishing holiday in the Alps Gîtes la Rousselière, Le Douet Moreau or Le Boulay.

Successful fishing is not included in the rental price, unfortunately 😉

See you soon to come and tease the trout, or the pebbles, skim the water and listen to the birds singing under the soft and melodious song of the leaves of the trees that line the banks of the Sarthe.

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