Summer's gonna be hot, summer's gonna be hot

July in the spotlight

There are no fireworks in Saint-Léonard-des-Bois in July, but there are plenty of events to keep us entertained every summer weekend.

  • Sing, swing, move, it's summer! Free concerts every Sunday afternoon at the Domaine du Gasseau.
  • Video mapping Every Wednesday and Saturday evening on the walls of the château in Fresnay sur Sarthe, the light shows impress and surprise.

Then it's on to the gîtes, where everyone has their own style!

There are those who run to make the most of the nearby outdoor activities: canoeing, archery, disc golf, tree climbing, horse riding, electric bikes, hiking, trail running, etc.

There are those who sleep in bed, on a blanket, in a hammock or deckchair... It's all there and everywhere, in the courtyard, under the oak tree, by the river or on the banks of the Sillé le Guillaume lake.

There are those who eat. The barbecues are brand new at the gîte du Boulay and Rousselière. They wriggle and wriggle to be kept busy, warmed and fed... Yum yum, sausages, aubergines, prime rib, tomatoes... The Douet, he even taunts his neighbours, the cows!

But you have to be careful - sometimes the plancha comes along and competes with them!

And the best of all is in the evening under the subdued lights of the lanterns in the courtyards or under the trees, accompanied by the songs of the cricris, frogs and imaginary animals (unicorns, etc.).

Dry meadows and harvest in full swing

This year the crops aren't late, they've just been hot. There's already talk of getting out the combine harvester. Who's going to start on 1 July?

For us, it's cool, it's a period that Hervé loves. We don't have a harvester, but he uses one belonging to a farmer friend and in exchange he does all his own harvesting. He loves driving in the cool, enjoying the sunset. And with the spotlight shining down on this impressive machine, the wheat and barley don't have to do much more than behave themselves! The cereal is swallowed by a big, rolling, prickly jaw that crushes, swallows and keeps the yellow gold warm for a while.

This cereal will be stored on the farm in bins and fed to our cattle.

Combine harvester at gold light in agriculture fields with wheat.

If you would like to make a reservation, please send an e-mail to mail or call me at !

See you soon Agathe