Saint-Léonard-des-Bois classified as a "Petite Cité de Caractère" (Small Town of Character)

  • Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei
  • Fresnay-sur-Sarthe
  • And Saint-Léonard-des-Bois!

It's official, it's signed, it's in place and the inauguration is over.

Saint-Léonard-des-Bois has become the 11th "Petite Citée de Caractère" in the Sarthe, and has also become a UNESCO-listed Geopark.

The special features of these 3 towns in my opinion and the must-see visits

A Saint-Céneri-le-GéreiI love its chapel, set in the middle of a meadow and bordered by the river. Its stone houses are lined with small passageways.

I love Fresnay-sur-SartheThere's also the castle park, the Bourgneuf district and its troglodyte houses, and the valley of the weavers.

I love EVERYTHING about Saint-Léonard-des-Bois 😉

Its church, its chapelet (flat stones laid in the river), the Pierriers, the Domaine du Gasseau and all the tourist attractions that make this village what it is. And you'll also appreciate the attentiveness and attentiveness of every resident you come into contact with. I think we're all in love with our village!

The icing on the cake!

But which cake?

The Normandie Maine park becomes Unesco World Geopark.

The park straddles the Normandy and Pays de la Loire regions. It covers 4 départements: Orne, Mayenne, Manche and Sarthe. It has a surface area of 257,000 hectares and its emblem is the stag, reflecting the forests that make up more than 20% of the territory.

The Maison du Parc is located in the commune of Carrouge. Carrouge is famous for its castle, a solid granite, slate and brick residence surrounded by a moat, its park and its orchard with its many varieties of apples.

So what are you waiting for, come and discover the new Cité de Caractère, and then enjoy a visit to the new Geopark located 35 km from our Gîtes?

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See you soon Agathe