The broom ballet

August is often synonymous with holidays!

Summer is a time for action, and I love action!

The weeks go by, but they don't resemble each other. And at weekends, it's a whirlwind of people arriving and departing from the gîtes!

Everything is prepared in advance for optimum efficiency.

The brooms have to behave themselves!

First you have to decide which gîte is going to be inspected first. Then we'll get out the baskets, the tea towels, the mops, the vacuum cleaners and the mops for washing. It's amazing how many brooms there are out there, and we never think we've got the right one!

There are some miraculous ones.... I haven't found it, I still have to go through it.

Then, to the tune of a Zouk machine, the dust just disappears.

The clock is ticking, the timing is hot but it's always ready on time to welcome my new customers.

Sweeping up the surrounding communities is also on the agenda

Like every year, we're unpacking things that are no longer in use, decorations that are no longer up to date, and household appliances that we've been eyeing up but which in truth aren't as efficient.

So a broom... we take it with us for a day and, if we want, we can sell it in the market. local flea market.

What's new on the farm?

Dimitri is away for the season, loading straw in the Beauce region. He's as happy as can be. He's sweeping miles and miles!

Cyprien is employed on the farm to help with the various day-to-day tasks, including harvesting, cleaning and maintenance of the farm and gîtes.

Hervé and I are in the thick of things as usual, but we're planning to go for a bit of a ride and take in the beautiful scenery of our surrounding regions... We'll keep you posted as it's quite an affair!

lecourt family alpes MAncelles

So who's going to welcome you to and from the gîte? Me of course, because when I talk about going on holiday, I mean going for 1 night (hihihi).

If you would like to make a reservation, please send an e-mail to mail or call me at !

See you soon Agathe